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A Positive Mandate (from Coach Wooden & Carroll)

For NCAA football fans Pete Carroll stands out among the best.  I’ve watched this optimistic, fun-loving, coach coax victories out of his USC players year after year; to my chagrin, regularly dismantling Big 10 opponents.  This season the piano-playing, man-of-passion … Continue reading

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How’s Life?

“How’s life?” is the introductory phrase usually spoken with the intent there will be no answer.  However, let’s imagine the question is genuinely asked anticipating an honest answer: “How’s life…is it happy, pleasant, good, or maybe even meaningful?” Martin Seligman … Continue reading

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Lead With Your Ears

I had the opportunity yesterday to spend the morning with a highly efficient team of senior leaders and senior sales reps.  Their commitment to building and maintaining a healthy organization was evident from my first conversations with the COO through … Continue reading

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Organizations Are Much Like Families

I’ve reconnected with a good friend of mine and not only have I appreciated the depth of our relationship I’ve also enjoyed seeing how our learning as been an “iron sharpening iron” experience.  After spending years connecting with sporadic phone … Continue reading

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Is Revenge on Our Hard Drive?

This weekend Deb and I heard the first part of a series of messages by Ben Redmond entitled, “The Comfort of Vengeance.” I left thinking there is something wired into the hard drive of every human which draws us to … Continue reading

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Your Focus Needs More Focus

In an instant culture used to quick fixes, the long and vigilant process of transformation is not an appealing option.  At least, not initially!  Maybe we would rather avoid the hard work.  Maybe the end goal seems too distant.  Whatever … Continue reading

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Southwest Airlines…Organizational Health Matters

I missed the live Webinar entitled “Organizational Health – A Powerful Advantage” presented by The Table Group.  So I spent yesterday afternoon catching up at Uptown Coffeehouse in my hometown of Howell. Some people consider the health of an organization a … Continue reading

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