Disc Golfing

My adult children and their friends are fans of Disc Golfing.  So when they asked me to join them on Memorial Day for a round they definitely had a head start on the skill level equation.

Honestly, I spent years teaching my kids how to throw a Frisbee.  I was the expert (at least in my own mind).  I had thrown for years and had at least three different types of throws for show-off purposes.

However, my skill sets were all but useless in Disc Golfing.  I had a great time – except for the downpour we played through and the thousands of mosquitoes that one of my partners described as an “hellacious parade.”  I marveled at their ability as I trudged through the long grass looking for my wayward discs.  I graciously took advice and humbly tried to reteach my brain how to throw in an entirely different motion than I was used to.

At the end of the round one of my playing partners encouraged me by saying, “Mark, I bet if you spent a hour or so just practicing you would ‘Get It’ and be good!”  I hope so.  I just may give it a try.  And if I do I could transform into something better.

Isn’t that the point of transformation?  A change of behavior that over time allows you to do something you could not accomplish without intentional effort?  I’ll keep you posted!

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2 Responses to Disc Golfing

  1. Sarah says:

    Great Blog!! Transformation is something that you have taught me in many aspects of my life. Even though your not good at something right away, the more you keep pushing along with practice the better you will become!!

  2. Mark says:

    @ Sarah – Thanks…it is about consistent effort, even when you may not feel like it.

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