My Reminders from Sarah Ferguson

While none of us can presume to know why Sarah Ferguson made a decision to sell out her ex-husband we can use this opportunity to look at ourselves. We all make, in her words “incredibly stupid” decisions. Some have deeper, far-reaching consequences than others.

But the stupid decisions do not define us. It is the lessons which we learn that are of utmost importance. And if we choose not to learn the lessons we just may find ourselves in similar circumstances until we choose to transform.

When it comes to Sarah Ferguson I’m choosing not to mock or hang her out to dry to but to look in the mirror and remember some things. Here’s my not-so-exhaustive-list:

  • Face the Truth: eventually the truth will be exposed.  When it does you can either choose to use your energy to blame, make excuses, or deflect.  Or, you can own-up to the “incredibly stupid” decision.
  • Accept the Consequences: yup…this really sucks but it’s a part of the healing process.  This isn’t about forgiveness but owning up to a decision which affects others.
  • Surround Yourself with People who Love you: there will always be those who will enjoy ripping you apart.  Make sure you find people who love you to not only accept who you are but are willing to speak the truth in love to you; supporting, encouraging, and challenging you.
  • Life is a Journey: okay, this may be a cliché but it’s true.  So why focus on one part of the journey?  Why not embrace the entire thing and realize that there is a purpose for our one and only life?

I’d be interested in the lessons others choose to remember…

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