Somebody Asked LeBron James, “What if…”

“Some NBA coaches see Idan Ravin as a resource.  Others dismiss him because he is not part of the basketball fraternity.”

It is well documented that successful people seek out advice or personal coaching in order to better themselves in their specific craft.  What does Ravin do for the elite players of the NBA who dare to put themselves under his tutoring?  According to author Chris Ballard they work out with him because Ravin isn’t afraid to tell them what they need to hear.

“I try to convey [that] it’s not about anyone else, it’s about you,” explains Ravin.  “Guys like LeBron James can cut all the corners and still get an A on an exam.  Eighty percent of Chris Paul or LeBron is better than 99 percent of anyone else.  But I ask them, ‘What if you maximized it? What if you were 99 percent?  Isn’t that interesting?’ I try to intrigue them.  I say, ‘What if?'”

This ability to reach the unreachable is why Ravin got the half-joking nickname the Hoops Whisperer.

Here’s a question: Do you have someone in your life who challenges you to maximize your fullest potential?  Is there someone in your life that asks, “What if?”  Will they tell you what you need to hear?  If you did…what would happen?

Check out Whatif Enterprises.

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