A Positive Mandate (from Coach Wooden & Carroll)

For NCAA football fans Pete Carroll stands out among the best.  I’ve watched this optimistic, fun-loving, coach coax victories out of his USC players year after year; to my chagrin, regularly dismantling Big 10 opponents.  This season the piano-playing, man-of-passion who has over 400,000 followers on Twitter is coaching the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks.  For the sports fan here’s the SI article (from NCAA violations to his role in the NFL draft).

What sets him apart from most in-your-face coaches?   SI calls it his “positive mandate.”  Upon arriving in Seattle, Carroll established three rules or values for his team – the same rules instituted at USC – which form the foundation for all actions and attitudes.  Carroll says, “It’s another idea I got from [UCLA] Coach [John] Wooden, and I’ve seen it work exceptionally well.”

A former USC player now Seahawk reflects on Carroll’s consistency, “He’s as advertised: energetic, enthusiastic, eternal optimist.”  The three rules that immediately illicit peer-accountability in their reinforcement are:

Rule #1: Protect Your Team (on and off the field)

Rule #2: No Whining or Complaining (there’s no room for eye-rolling or grumbling)

Rule #3: Be Early for Everything (a sign of respect)

Simple, clear, and self-explanatory!  They can be a standard in the sports-world and in the marketplace.

So here’s the question: What would you need to change if you were held to the standard of these three simple rules?

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2 Responses to A Positive Mandate (from Coach Wooden & Carroll)

  1. Mike in Milwaukee says:

    Mark, Wait. I not only have to be on time, I have to be EARLY!!?

    Kidding aside, I so get this and love to see it in others – when they honor me by being early for meetings and appointments – must I have to say, I need to work on this when the situation is reversed. I must have a little Lion temperament in me because I recall this is one of their traits – expect respect from others, don’t feel the need to always show it to others. Eeaach! Don’t like the sound of that when it is aimed at me!

    • Mark says:

      @Mike – Today I attended the Disney Institute: Disney Keys to Business Excellence and when talking about values had in the notes:

      We judge ourselves based on our INTENTIONS.
      Others judge us based on our BEHAVIOR.

      Ouch…is right!

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