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Motivation:The Power of the Right-Brain

“Who’s speaking today?” asked one of my co-workers at the conference center I worked at a few years ago.  I quipped, “Some guy named Daniel Pink.”  Little did I know that his message would intrigue me to learn as much … Continue reading

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Working With You is KILLING ME! [Boundaries]

continuing our thoughts from “Working With You is Killing Me” UNHOOKING is a life-long skill we may never master but can indeed practice.  It begins with boundaries. Boundaries can cause a visceral reaction.  When I travel in northern Michigan and … Continue reading

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Working With You is KILLING ME! [Unhooking]

Have you ever checked out the discount tables at Barnes and Noble? A while back I noticed Working With You is Killing Me: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Traps at Work. Since picking it up I’ve not only been intrigued by it, but also … Continue reading

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Is Your Culture Open or Closed

A sales professional was telling me recently about her work environment which was fast becoming negative because of restructuring due to the economy.   Searching for ways to explain what happened she said, “Before we were open – sharing, conversing, bouncing … Continue reading

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LA Times Affirms Coaching

When people hear that I’m a personal coach the reactions vary.  To those who understand the concept of coaching, the follow-up question is something like, “What’s your coaching niche?” Meaning, what’s your area of specialty? Who are your clients?  et … Continue reading

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Being a Change Agent

Systems are an essential part of a successful business…and actually a part of life. In the midst of executing the systems, it might be easy to fall into the mental trap of thinking everything is “business as usual.” After all, once the … Continue reading

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Be a Concierge…Really?

If you know me at all, you know servant leadership is one of my favorite topics.  I enjoy learning more about it and certainly enjoy discussing it with people.  Someone I met at the Disney Institute: Disney Keys to Business Excellence – … Continue reading

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