What If I Were Ready?

I was feeling a bit dejected last week.  Upon completing two consecutive days of seminars I heard from another organization that due to the economy they would not need my services until the fall.  Ouch!  Other avenues of income were not in the foreseeable future.  I knew having my own business would take a yeoman’s effort and dedication to the long haul.

I had been advised that whatever difficulty I face I must maintain a positive attitude of readiness.  Now, more than ever, I had to lean on that wisdom.

At some level it wasn’t too difficult.  I have been dedicating myself to certain rhythms in order to maintain a positive state of readiness.  With a commitment to my personal transformation, here’s what I did:

  • At the beginning of the year I changed my approach to food and fitness.  Meaning, I began to exercise in earnest and eat the correct foods or for that matter avoiding those foods which are bad for me.  The results have been better than I could have imagined. (I will blog about that in the future.)
  • I continued with the disciplines of my soul care: solitude, journaling, reading, and meeting with close friends for encouragement and challenge.
  • I reserved time to read – blogs, articles, books, et cetera – with the intent of learning more and enhancing my personal development.  For those who know me that means I voraciously took notes and sought to better understand new thoughts and maximize the ones with which I was already familiar.  (This blog is the result of such learning.)
  • I allocated time to network with others, especially with those who are in my similar line of work.  The term “networking” is a bit-overused-buzz-word.  Yet, the principles of networking are time-tested and the stories of success are well-documented.

Again, I did all this to maintain a level of readiness.  I took the good-natured jabs that all I do is exercise, spend hours at Uptown Coffeehouse (in my hometown), and when the weather was nice park myself at Thompson Lake with a lawn chair.  I can take the trash-talk because it IS my rhythm most days.  My premise is that if I don’t have anything on the docket to give to others I need to make sure I give time to myself in order to be ready.

So, last Thursday I’m going through the inner-pep-talk, “Hang in there!  Stay positive! You’re doing the right things!”  I so wanted to believe it wasn’t gibberish.  Then…

  • On Friday I meet with a contact through LinkedIn.  She is a kindred spirit who not only encouraged me but wants to partner with me on some projects going forward.  In fact, she made sure to introduce me to another coach who invested in her training.
  • On Monday I met with someone who was recommended to me by another LinkedIn contact.  Get that?  One coach recommending me (a coach) to another coach.  The upshot of this meeting is that we connected and she invited me to give a presentation to a group of executives she coaches.
  • On Wednesday I spent an hour on the phone with a gentleman who helped develop the tool used by Gallup to determine a person’s dominant talent themes.  Because of the sponsorship of another coach he is willing to invest in my professional growth and connect me with his program.
  • Today I spent time at Caribou with another coach who trains executives around the country and coaches team excellence.  Not only did we brainstorm about the future but he offered clarity as I seek to develop my niche.

What if I were not ready?  What if I had given up and chose to be negative?  What if I let anger, disgust, or discouragement take over?

All I know is that I am grateful for those who lovingly speak the kind truth to me to “Be Ready!”

What if you were ready?

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