Best Places to Live? Best Moment to Live!

I just clicked through the first ten of CNN’s list of America’s best small cities.  Not one of the cities had an unemployment percentage of higher than 6%.  They boasted of each city’s major employers, schools, and neighborhood offerings.  It’s interesting to read about perception.

Let’s get this out of the way: for some odd reason I knew that at this economic time Michigan would not show up on the list.  If I chose to be cynical the rest of this blog would be my version of a rant about my home state.  But like so many of my fellow Michigander’s I must make a choice the beginning of each day and certainly at the beginning of each work week to decide not to “go there.”   My employer closed the doors in October, 2009…and I will not claim victim status.  I will not cry, “Unfair!”  And I will not join the ranks which have relegated my beloved state to ruin.

What am I left to do?  Press on!  Maybe my German inbred-work-ethic keeps me going.  Instead I’d like to think that it’s more of a conscious choice to be positive about the possibilities.  After all, throughout history people have navigated through far more turbulent times and we read stories of perseverance which built character and inspired hope.  They have taught us that the locations may vary but what seems to matter far more is the moment. The moment is the gift.

What if we focused on the moment? We would live with a sense of wonder in each moment knowing that it will never be that moment again and therefore we would give more attention to experiencing all we can – in that moment.  We would not spend so much time focusing on the past because it is exactly that, in the past.  We would give a place of honor to memories and let regrets slip away.  We would live with a sense of anticipation knowing that future moments are built on the present moments we currently live in.

And…we would seek to redeem each moment.  We would be aware of our desire and the intention of others to steal it from us and actively seek to “buy it back” for noble purposes that would benefit our life and the lives of others.

On this Monday – the beginning of this work week – I choose to live in the best moment I’ve been given: the present moment.

What if you focused on the best moment to live?

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One Response to Best Places to Live? Best Moment to Live!

  1. Mark says:

    So…after I wrote this blog yesterday I was focused and ready. And then, I got slammed with some news that challenged the premise I just had proclaimed.

    I share this to let you know that I “get it.” Choosing to live in a transformational way is not easy and takes great levels of intentionality. It’s not a matter if “if” you are challnged but “when” and in some cases “how often.”

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