Being a Change Agent

Systems are an essential part of a successful business…and actually a part of life.

In the midst of executing the systems, it might be easy to fall into the mental trap of thinking everything is “business as usual.” After all, once the system is in place everything and everyone will be in order and function according to plan, right? Not really! Whether you find yourself fulfilling a task outlined in the Systems Manual, fixing an emergency problem, or following trough on a commitment, the best approach to take is that of being ready and willing to manage change.

Success – measured by being both *smart and healthy – in any environment requires flexibility and adaptability. There will be new developments, human systems advancements or challenges all of which will call for new behavioral responses. What matters is how we handle the change process itself.

Is the remedy to brace yourself for change? No…you’ll never be fully ready. The answer lies in loosening up and rolling with the flow.

Flexibility is an important key to being a good change agent.  For some of us, this will come easy, in fact too easy.  Flexibility may mean honoring a system in order to learn its function in order to adapt to change.  For others of us this will be mighty difficult.  We don’t like our world rocked or our systems challenged. After all, they work. So flexibility will be a challenging stretch.  Wherever we might fall on this continuum we will need to face the way we handle change and how we communicate with those in the process with us.

What does it look like for you to be a change agent?

  • *smart: strategy, marketing, finance, technology
  • *healthy: morale, productivity, clarity, productive community
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