LA Times Affirms Coaching

When people hear that I’m a personal coach the reactions vary.  To those who understand the concept of coaching, the follow-up question is something like, “What’s your coaching niche?” Meaning, what’s your area of specialty? Who are your clients?  et cetera…

Many people associate coaching with athletics so I find myself using sports analogies to describe my profession.  While giving a presentation to a group of golf course superintendents – affectionately called “turfies” in school – I asked how many coaches the average professional golfer has.  We came up with at least five (5): swing coach, nutritionist, strength coach, financial coach, and legal coach.  There are more but that’s the initial list. The “turfies” concluded that because this was the golfers job it made sense to have that many coaches.  My follow-up to them was, “If athletes utilize the expertise of coaching, why not the rest of us?”

I can’t pass up sharing with you the LA Times article by Mary MacVean entitled, “A Coach for Every Need.”  While I’ve linked the on-line version I first saw it in the paper of my childhood home this weekend, The Herald Palladium, found on the front page of the focus section entitled, “Need Help? Hire a Coaching Professional.”   The author seems to take a subtle tongue-in-check approach as she quips, “Muddling through life on our own doesn’t seem to be much of an option today.”  Whatever her motivation or style, at least she highlighted the role of coaching.

What is my niche? I help individuals TRANSFORM THEIR LIFE by helping them reach their fullest potential and bring their best to the community (team/workgroup) of which they are a part.  Things I ask people to consider as we meet:

  • If you are at a point where you want to dig deeper…
  • If you are at a point where you want to figure out your purpose in life…
  • If are willing to look at the direction of your life…
  • If you want to maximize your talents…
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