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Curbing the College Freshman Drop-Out Rate!

Three years ago I listened to the Dean of Students of the Music School at Central Michigan University tell the prospective student-parents about the challenges facing college freshman. Given the drop-out rate freedom wreaks some tragic consequences on wide-eyed first … Continue reading

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Not Everyone Wants to Transform!

A Fable Joyce comes to work on time and for the most part completes her tasks according to spec. She seems willing to do a little extra and seems to smile but you just sense there is something more. You … Continue reading

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“You are uniquely talented!” (It’s worth telling someone…)

The message of unique giftedness and talents has been a oft-repeated message of mine for years. When the concept of “spiritual gifts” was first addressed in churches I was first in line to teach the concepts that each person has … Continue reading

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Are you a “Freier”? Really, that’s a legitimate question!

Recently I decided to research my last name – FREIER – on the WordPress search engine. The first blog posted this title: “Thou shalt not be a freier.” Taken-aback, I curiously read further and found that the term “Freier” has … Continue reading

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A Six Second Vacation: It May Be One of Your Best Vacations!

I was facilitating the principles of The Anxious Organization with a team last week and we had the most fun talking about the challenges of taking a Six Second Vacation. Anxiety can be fueled by a variety of external and … Continue reading

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Are You Anxious? (Can You Identify with the JetBlue Flight Attendant?)

Whether or not you have any interest in studying organizational and behavioral theory most of us find ourselves in the midst of workplace situations that at times annoys us enough to spike our blood pressure, leads us to gossip, or … Continue reading

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What do you do after attending a conference?

Have you ever spent a whole week attending conferences? It is intellectual stimulating, relationally filling, and mind-numbing all at once. Last week I spent five days at two different conferences. To unwind my son and I are heading to Chicago … Continue reading

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