What do you do after attending a conference?

Have you ever spent a whole week attending conferences? It is intellectual stimulating, relationally filling, and mind-numbing all at once. Last week I spent five days at two different conferences.

To unwind my son and I are heading to Chicago – specifically the Shed Aquarium – which will go a long way in helping me sort out the presentations so that I can review what I learned. So this blog will be a bit different, a simple recounting of some of what the faculty taught me.

Ronald Rolheiser, OMI – His stories are rich and his insights are fascinating.  He spoke of the “dis-content” at the center of our lives and what it means when our hearts are “out of sync.”

Dr. Dennis Sugrue – As a member of the University of Michigan faculty and clinical psychologist he spoke on being sexually healthy.

Dr. Robert Moore – His teaching is incredible and at times I felt like I was attending a master’s level Jungian Psychology course as he taught for hours on the mapping of our psyche.

Dr. Timothy Hogan – His humor is disarming and his teachings are clear as he compared a transformational approach to life and ministry as opposed to an authoritative and unfruitful one.

Bill Hybels – As senior pastor, author, and respected leader he set the tone for The Global Leadership Summit with his masterful way of vision casting and motivating.

Jim Collins – As author and Professor at Stanford he has set the path in studying successful organizations that are not only good, but great (Good To Great, Built to Last, and his latest How the Mighty Fall)

Christine Caine – Australian born and passionate leader of A21 – Abolishing Injustice: Human Trafficking.  What a story!

Tony Dungy – Former coach of the Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts shared his counter-cultural approach to leadership: influence and relationships. Here’s a man who instead of yelling and demeaning his players treated them as men of value and mentored them. [There were some owners who told him his approach would never work…oopppss!]

Daniel Pink – He taught on The Science of Motivation and the ineffective use of the “carrot and stick” approach in business.

I’m sort of a nerd about conferences; taking time to review my notes and seeing if there are practical ways to apply what they taught. As one of my friends said to me, “I’ll just read your blog and get caught up.” It’s probably true!

What do you do after attending a conference? I’d be interested to hear.

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