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Wedding Day!

Today my son, Nathan and Angela Gawne are getting married. Friends, turned lovers, now become husband and wife. It will be beautiful today! Pre-service music:¬†Gershwin love songs performed by Angela’s voice instructor and his wife. During the ceremony…a solo by … Continue reading

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Spend More Time Being Interested Than Being Interesting

Aware that some of your most recent conversations with people have been a bit one-sided you entered the break area. At first blush the conversation between two people in the middle of room looked engaging. You positioned yourself within ear … Continue reading

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Action…Not Terminology

One of the elderly couples in the condominium complex in which we live recently faced the inevitable challenges of their age. When we moved here three years ago we could see that the gentleman was failing as his steps were … Continue reading

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A Secret Worth Sharing

“Can you keep a secret?” That’s a loaded question. I find myself physically shrinking when it’s asked of me; knowing most of the time the one who asks wants to reveal some bit of juicy gossip meant to harm rather … Continue reading

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Life Below the Waterline

Growing up in southwest Michigan I remember the sights, smells, and events of the fall. From Harvest Days to apple picking, from walks on the piers to bonfires, it’s just a great time of year. Another scene I remember is … Continue reading

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The Sacred Piece of Transformation

“The process of transformation is always bigger than we are!” Robert Quinn, Change the World Early this summer I received a message on my Facebook page from a from a former student in the youth ministry in Florida we were … Continue reading

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