The Sacred Piece of Transformation

“The process of transformation is always bigger than we are!”

Robert Quinn, Change the World

Early this summer I received a message on my Facebook page from a from a former student in the youth ministry in Florida we were part of in the early 90’s. It was entitled “Wow! It’s do good to connect.” Now married with multiple children she connected me with other “kids-now-adults” and the scores of their own children. It wasn’t long before she let me know the role I played in her life and how she is a different person because of the time we spent together.

It is one of the joys of life to know that somehow you had the privilege to be involved in the transformation of another person. It’s humbling and awe-inspiring at the same time. Let’s be honest, without the human interaction – which spurs the change – there is no transformation. At the same time, without something larger happening, there is no transformation. Here’s the tension: we are necessary, but insufficient.

Something sacred is happening.

Quinn puts it this way, “We become aware of our own simultaneous potential and dependence. We awaken to the sacred potential that is in living systems. What I want to suggest is that all human systems, no matter how secular, are also sacred in that all seeds of potential transformation exist.”

Each one of us can contribute to the transformational process. It isn’t about a title or position. It doesn’t matter if your in senior management or the head of your family. Each of us has can be a transformational person; making a “significant contribution to positive change in ourselves, our relationships, and in any organization or culture in which we take part.” That makes us change agents.

Being a transformational person has little or nothing to do with ability or location on an org chart. It has everything to do with our inner world: clarity of purpose, living by a set of values, bringing that congruence in our thoughts and behaviors as we move from self-serving to actually serving others as we expect nothing in return, and being open to the possibilties around us.

I am grateful for the role I played in the lives of  those kids in the youth group. The volunteers who served with me thoroughly planned and executed events with crushing regularity and built relationships with heart-gushing intentionality. And…it wasn’t about us then and it isn’t about us now. As significant as we were, we were insufficient to make the changes happen. That’s the sacred piece of transformation.

What if we approached our interactions with the reality we are needed…

….and the release to know it’s not about us?

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