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More Thoughts on “Blessing”

I’ve been giving more thought to this whole idea of savoring blessings. Today, I remembered that one of the most significant books in my life had a section on “blessing.” After reading it, I wanted to share with you a … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Told I’m “Blessed”

“My wife repeatedly reminds me how blessed we are,” Richard recounted when given the opportunity to reflect on his values and his priorities. “It’s not that I dont’ believe her. I’ve just never given it much thought.” Richard was part … Continue reading

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Savor…Don’t Just Drink

Do you take the time to savor your drinks? It’s easy to move into the fast lane of our instant culture. What would it take for us to slow down and savor? Starbucks just rolled out their “Christmas” drinks. The first … Continue reading

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Transformation: It’s Counter-Intuitive

Tricia is an active administrative assistant with a desire to accomplish tasks and bring excellence to the organization. As a mother and grandmother she has journeyed life long enough that she now finds herself more secure in her womanhood and in her … Continue reading

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Only Leadership Book to Read [George Zimmer’s Opinion]

In a recent webinar for the Enlightened Business Summit, George Zimmer founder and CEO of the Men’s Wearhouse, was asked to recommend just one leadership book. He only skipped a beat and offered, Leadership is an Art by Max DePree.  He … Continue reading

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