Transformation: It’s Counter-Intuitive

Tricia is an active administrative assistant with a desire to accomplish tasks and bring excellence to the organization. As a mother and grandmother she has journeyed life long enough that she now finds herself more secure in her womanhood and in her support role. That doesn’t mean that she is stuck in mindless routines. She approaches her work with a desire for excellence and intentionality. While readily admitted she has control issues, she is open to transformation and welcomes the opportunity of self-improvement.

When working with a personal coach recently, Tricia listened intentionally as he shared with her the process of transformation, “It’s not about trying harder. Rather it’s about training.” Hearing the words her face betrayed her confusion. He continued, “Transformation from the inside-out is about putting rhythms in your life that quiet your spirit and give clarity. Actually, it’s about creating space.”

Wondering if that put more pressure on her and would add to her stress Tricia pushed back, “But than means more work, doesn’t it?” The coach welcomed the question, “It may seem like it,” pausing to let the moment sink in.  “Actually it is about being less in control and more open. When we create space for quiet reflection we start to become mindful. We become aware of the intensity of our emotions, the quickness of our reactions, and how we carry ourselves in relation to others. It just won’t happen if we don’t create space.”

Transforming our interior world is giving intentional effort to the areas of our life we often take for granted.

What if…we created more space for some inner transformation?

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2 Responses to Transformation: It’s Counter-Intuitive

  1. Gene Miels says:

    The whole notion of rhythms runs counter to “balance” so sought after today. Creating space and applying rhythms may mean some things that others tell me that I “should” do to be a good father, boss, employee, husband, Christian etc. may not get done as expected. But if I transform wouldn’t I be better at all those things??

    • Mark says:

      @Gene – you make a very good point. It seems that so much literature, especially in Christian bookstores is about either balance or the next “things” to do to do become a better….(fill in the blank). You are correct; putting rhythms in life is different than the ever-elusive “balance.”

      Life is full of seasons each of which we may have to apply more effort and energy. If we have consistent rhythms, no matter which season of life we are in, we will continue the process of transformation, and therefore continue to bring a more centered approach to life, even in the midst of chaos.

      A mother of three elementary and middle-school children recently told me that she has no balance in her life. My response to her was not to seek balance, “You will never find it. Rather, let’s see if we can create some space to quiet your spirit.” She said that her morning routine with the girls takes over two hours. When the last one gets on the bus she has a cup of coffee. My encouragement was to make that coffee time “her time.” Those precious moments of quiet are not about making lists or planning the day but to breathe deeply, quiet her soul, be still and get some rest: emotional, mental, physical and relational rest. I asked her to try it for two weeks. If she commits to it there will be some transformation.

      Thanks again, Gene!

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