Savor…Don’t Just Drink

Do you take the time to savor your drinks? It’s easy to move into the fast lane of our instant culture.

What would it take for us to slow down and savor?

Starbucks just rolled out their “Christmas” drinks. The first one of the season is an easy choice: Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha (non-fat, no whip). This gift is just one of many of this season’s pleasures. You don’t just drink it, you savor it. Enjoying the texture, taste, and warmth it brings.

I’m sitting in Mud Creek Coffee in Stockbridge, WI, a small, and I mean small little village on the east side of Lake Winnebago. Nestled in a strip mall is one of the coolest, precisely decorated, customer-service oriented, restaurant-coffee shops I’ve been in.  (The owner just took a customer behind the counter to teach her how to make an Espresso.) Besides that the Mud Creek Creamy Mint Mocha is awesome. Another gift to enjoy!

What’s the point of savoring?

Life is full of blessings to enjoy. Rather than expect them, I’m learning that these blessings can be more fully enjoyed if I intentionally embrace them. By doing so I acknowledge the gift of the blessings and allow it to more permeate my mind and being.

How do I savor?

It means slowing down the pace of my life, taking the opportunity to notice, and then the most important decision…take it all in! Sometimes it means taking some deep (cleansing) breaths; other times it means looking around. The simple task of looking up and looking around is so helpful. Rather than looking far ahead it allows me to take in the present moment.

Being grateful is another way to savor. Each day is full of the blessings of relationships, food, drink, work, and interactions with new people, insights, and more. I was taught in Sunday school to be grateful for everything. I confess that not only was I not grateful, I didn’t know how. So I’m in the learning process.

I’m thinking of savoring because of what I experienced yesterday as I facilitated my MissionBuilder process with a group of people. In an effort to help people identify their personal mission and uncover their values, I ask them to consider the “self-imposed” obstacles that keep them from fully living out their purpose and values. The picture I used is that of fully drinking from the cup; whether it’s the cup of blessing or the cup of sorrow.

When we fully drink from the cup of blessing we invite all that comes with it to become more fully enmeshed in our life. Rather than quickly moving on, it’s about taking in the word of encouragement, the loving words of wisdom, the fact that someone believes in us, the time spent, et cetera.

Here’s another seemingly “strange” cup from which to drink. I teach that we might consider drinking from the cup of sorrow, pain, or hurt; by doing so we begin the process of accepting it, acknowledging it, and can start moving through it. I don’t like the bitter cup of sorrow. Yet, when I drink from it – I mean, actually drink it – all that it means becomes a part of my life experience. The end result is that I am blessed because of it. It may not seem like it initially, but in the long run it prevents bitterness and puts me on the path to healing.

The next time you get to sip a cup of coffee, no matter where it is, try savoring it…along with a little more of life’s blessings!

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4 Responses to Savor…Don’t Just Drink

    • Mark says:

      Thanks Stacy…I’m continuing to learn the lesson of “savoring.” Christmas is a great time of year to do that. Savoring makes it more special.

  1. Undoubtedly, one of the best article l have come across on this precious topic. I quite agree with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your coming updates.

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