I’ve Been Told I’m “Blessed”

“My wife repeatedly reminds me how blessed we are,” Richard recounted when given the opportunity to reflect on his values and his priorities. “It’s not that I dont’ believe her. I’ve just never given it much thought.”

Richard was part of an exercise called MissionBuilder designed to help people uncover their values and eventually write a personal mission statement.

So often we don’t take the time – create space – to think about what is important; the deep, personal priorities of life.

They slowly worked through the exercise with a pen and their thoughts.

Richard was asked to reflect. “I’m not a very demonstrative guy. While I represent our organization every week and make multiple presentations to dozens of people, I’m actually quite introverted. Being reflective is easy. Talking about it is the challenge.”

Even though he was in a group of his peers Richard took a deep breath and continued. “This time spent reflecting on my passions, priorities, and values has confirmed what my wife has been telling me for years, ‘I am blessed.’ It’s not that I didn’t believe her. At some level, I guess…I really haven’t given it much thought. I have a successful career that has afforded many opportunities: home, hobbies, vacations, and so much more. Our health is good.” There was a long pause as he collected his thoughts. Making things happens was Richard’s forte, not sharing his innermost thoughts. While the group did not know what he was thinking, whatever it was, meant something special.

After regaining his composure Richard concluded, “I would like to say that after taking time to actually reflect on my life I can humbly say that I am blessed. I think I will walk away today more grateful; more aware of what has been given to me.”

Maybe people have told you that you are blessed. Maybe you have even considered the possibility you may be blessed. Here’s what I’m learning: no matter how much I may or may not notice, my blessings are there. Right in front of me ready for my notice. Sometimes it’s a matter of just taking the time to have our minds-eye see them.

What if…we took the time to notice our blessings?

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