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Was the Meanness Meter High in 2010?

A recent NPR segment (12.30.10) proposed that people are getting meaner and that 2010 reached a new level of sordid. Their message was that comments in almost every venue were snarky, rude, and downright vile, “The meanness meter went pretty high in … Continue reading

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What Are People Wishing You?

It could be just happenstance but in more instances than not this season I’ve been wished a “Merry Christmas.” I’m not sure what that’s all about but I’m noticing. What are you hearing?

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‘Tis The Season to Listen

This is the time of year when so much is vying for our attention it can be somewhat difficult to know how to listen. The traditional Christmas Carol asks the question: Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy Do … Continue reading

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My Holiday Ice-Breaker

In previous posts I’ve written about the importance of asking questions and then pausing to listen, really listen for the answer. This season I’ve taken the opportunity on two ocassions to practice a form of “ice-breaker.” It’s not profound or for … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Edwards’ Gift (Just Weeks Ago)

What I will remember about Elizabeth Edwards is the gift she gave me less than nine weeks ago at the Livingston Economic Club, held at Cleary University in Howell, MI. I was privileged to be in attendance and even meet her … Continue reading

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The Power of “Ask”

Last evening my wife and I spent a couple of hours hanging out at our local coffee shop; sharing our favorite holiday drink, reading, and conversation. A guitar player provided his own renditions of Christmas carols with a classical and personal … Continue reading

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There’s a Deeper Story

As a child in elementary school I remember listening to Christmas music played on the record player next to the fire place. Bing Crosby and Andy Williams were juxtaposed with Roger Wagner and the Dale Warland Singers. In many instances … Continue reading

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