What is Clarity Worth?

Today I sat with a potential client. Two partners who had a great year; business growth and profitability. Their desire in 2011 is to, in their words, “take it to the next level.” Knowing I was a coach they wondered how I could partner with them. What would I propose?

In that moment, I was grateful for clarity. This past year provided me the opportunity to gain tremendous clarity about my business and my niche. How would I respond to their request? Position myself? Posture?

Without skipping a beat I was able to articulate what is really in my “wheelhouse.” 

I’m not a consultant who has the talent to move your business to the next level and position your business for that type of success. Rather, I am a coach who can help you hire, keep, and train the right people who are grounded as being transformational people; in turn, that will make your business healthy as you grow.

Sounds simple. But it took me months to be that clear of my business model and then to articulate it with confidence, even with the possibility that I just may have talked myself out a job.  Yet, their response was gratitude that I could clearly communicate my offering and that this type of honesty goes a long way in building trust.

My lesson…a transformational person is someone who is learning to be more purpose-centered and inner-directed, and in doing so, when it comes to articulating your purpose, even in your business,  you can do it with confidence and clarity. I’m learning!

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2 Responses to What is Clarity Worth?

  1. Really great post mark. Thanks for sharing your insight and what you said was your lesson. It is now my lesson 🙂 “a transformational person is someone who is learning to be more purpose-centered and inner-directed”. I think that sums it up perfectly and points us in the right direction. Much appreciated.

    • Mark says:

      @Sibyl – You are welcome. It’s great to know fellow encouragers. These two aspects of being a transformational person also make us aware of their polar opposites. The opposite of purpose-centered is comfort-centered (leaving us to react instead of respond). The opposite of inner-directed is other-directed (meaning I make my decisions on what other’s think and/or how to impress or annoy them).

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