Everyday Mindset

The two questions that bring clarity to most anything we are involved in are:

What’s the successful outcome?

What’s the next action to make it happen?

This is the way David Allen began a section of the email/newsletter (“Productive Living” – 01.12.11)

No matter our role, defining outcomes and actions can be particularly challenging. But this just doesn’t apply to projects or assignments.

What about the way we approach each day?

What about our mindset? Do you ever notice how quickly our attitude can be side-tracked by interruptions (some may even be genuine) or when our own negativity and pessimism seeps in like sludge. Add to that, we probably bump into too many people who are part of the “ain’t-it-awful club” that pour fuel on our cynical spark or seek to squelch our optimism like a bucket of water.

Here’s David suggestion about the choice to think differently by beginning our day with an “outcome” mindset rhythm….

  • How you’d like to feel when you wake up.
  • How you’d like the meeting to turn out.
  • What kind of energy you’d like to have all during the day.
  • How you’d like the people close to you to feel.
  • What you’d like to have accomplished.
  • How relaxed you could be.
  • How much fun you could have.
  • What good you could do.
  • What joy you could spread.
  • How you’d like your desk to look.
  • What peace you could bring.
  • What loving you could share.
  • What sense of connection you’d like with yourself and your world, and with others.
  • How you’d like to feel, reading your email.

“It is wonderful to understand that what we hold in our mind as a focus aligns powerful and automatic forces to open our perceptions and harness energy. The bad news is that we no longer have any excuses for not utilizing that awareness.”

What if…we spend just a few minutes at the beginning of each day aligning our mind?(revisit it as needed)

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