Do You Ever Feel Unmotivated?

Something is holding me back.

Does that ever happen to you?

You know what needs to be done. You are aware of the benefit and the importance of pushing through whatever it may be that is holding you back. Yet…getting out of the starting gate doesn’t happen.

That’s happening to me in relation to my BLOG.

I restarted blogging for two specific reasons: to connect me with like-minded people on subjects that are part of my DNA and to fuel my creative juices. There is just something beneficial about writing. I was instructed that you need to be able to write at least fifty blog posts on the subject. As of today, I’ve written sixty and truthfully, for two weeks I’ve been stuck.

I’ve started and stopped writing many times. I’ve read other blogs and even commented on a few. In fact, someone I care about deeply and who knows me better than anyone else (any guesses?) emailed me today, “I haven’t received a blog from you in weeks…any special reason?  I miss it!”

I clicked her email to the Trash and then, after two minutes started writing.

As someone who coaches people to engage with their unique strengths I know that her unique strength set equips her to be a great coach, which she has done admirably for years. And today is no exception. With two sentences she was able to rattle my cage. She didn’t necessarily give me clarity. She certainly didn’t judge me. She just noticed something that’s been on the forefront of my mind for weeks and named it.  That’s what coaches do…and so do friends, and if you’re really blessed, so does our spouse. 

So this BLOG is for those of you who get stuck; who may find yourself without much motivation. May you have someone in your life that actually notices and not only notices, but cares about you enough to say something about what they perceive!

I’m grateful that I do.  Thanks Deb!

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2 Responses to Do You Ever Feel Unmotivated?

  1. rick hartsell says:

    Simple post…yet i loved it. Thanks man.
    I’m glad you write…when you are moved to do so.
    we get sooo many emails…ones like this i find SWEET.

    • Mark says:

      @Rick – Thank you! It’s so true that we get overloaded with info. I think that’s part of what I was sorting out. Of all the info, what’s really important. A wise rabbi tells us that divine truth is revealed to the “least of these.” I’m learning to embrace the simple.

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