Normal is Overrated

As parents, my wife and I were keenly aware that from the time our children entered our home and even now as young adults, they face the challenge to define “normal.”  Every stage of life means clarifying the definition; staring it in the face and in spite of all the odds forging ahead.  “Normal” is allusive.

When I think of this stage of my life as a small-business owner I am faced with defining “normal”:

  • What happens on a normal business day?
  • Who are my normal clients?
  • Am I a normal coach?
  • Will I ever make an abnormal amount of money?

The following clip (38 seconds) from the movie Soul Surfer is the story of Bethany Hamilton, a teenager who is abnormally gifted to surf, who was abnormally attacked by a shark who severed her arm, and now finds herself having to face her future with an abnormal physic –one arm. 

Maybe her mom’s admonition is one we all need to take to heart, “Normal is so overrated!”

What if…you chose to define “normal” in a different way?

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