4 Ways to Turn Rejection into a Motivating Force

Written by M.Farouk Radwan

Founder of http://www.2knowmyself.com

We all feel bad when we get rejected and we all wish to know how to handle rejections in a better.

There are tons of advice about getting over rejection everywhere and most of them are useful but what I thought about is finding new advice that can’t just let you get over rejection but that can help you turn this rejection into a motivating force that can push you forward.

In this article I will tell you about four things that can help you become motivated after you get rejected!

4 ways to turn rejection into motivation

  1. Decide that you will prove those who rejected you wrong: Soichiro Honda the founder of Honda company was rejected when he went for a job interview to work for the Toyota company. The man didn’t just decide to get over rejection but he decided to create a company that competes with Toyota in order to prove them wrong and this is how Honda was born!! When someone rejects you decide that you are going to prove him wrong even if that was few years later
  2. Learn from the mistake: Each rejection can be considered a blocked road or an opportunity to learn how to do things in a better way. If you got rejected than promise yourself you are going to do your best the next time and you will find yourself motivated.
  3. Read about the success stories of successful people: Almost all successful people were rejected many times during their early years. As soon as you reach about such stories you will discover that you are following their path exactly and that there is nothing wrong with you.
  4. Write the names of those who reject you or keep their pictures: When I first started my website a man sent me an email making fun of me. I felt really bad and I decided to save his email to reply back one day. 3 years later when the website was getting 500,000 hits/month I mailed him telling him about the progress and the man didn’t dare to reply back J One of the most powerful things that can motivate you after rejections is to keep a list of the people who rejected you so that you can contact them later and tell them about the great mistake they did.

Final words about rejection

Of course I am already assuming that the rejection didn’t happen as a result of your fault. If you didn’t do your homework then failed to reach something then you should focus on working harder instead of trying to prove others wrong.

This approach should be used when you believe that you did your best yet you found many rejections.

Let me know what you think…

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4 Responses to 4 Ways to Turn Rejection into a Motivating Force

  1. farouk111 says:

    Its always a pleasure to find a post of mine on your blog Marc
    thank you my friend and keep in touch 🙂

  2. Mark says:

    @Farouk – Thank you for writing this Blogpost. I appreciate the thoughts of the article. Thoughtful and practical! I will stay in touch.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Thank you Mark! I was rejected by a guy. Well, not exactly but pretty much it. I was dating him for 1.5 months. He is very hot, good looking, great buff body and all that. But deep inside he is a selfish bastard! *please excuse my language* He went to a Halloween party a few days ago and almost kissed another girl. I was hurt to be honest even tho I saw this coming. Anyways, I would consider myself good and caring inside and out but he still would run off and kiss someone else. I know I DON’T deserve this at all to have someone devalue me, and I am WORTH more. I deserve a man who will stick with me because I will do the same. We decided to be “friends” basically a break up. I DON’T want him back but I want to proof him wrong. So I decided to work out and eat healthy. Started on Nov 1 but I’m sticking to it! I am also teaching myself dancing also, hip hop and such and try to be the best and fun self I can be. I am going to show him wrong! It might seems like I am doing it for him but I am doing it for myself.

    • Mark says:

      @ Bonnie – Thank you for sharing your story. I think this is what Farouk is getting at. When something negative happens to us, rather than sink into self-loathing, it is a great time to evaluate what happened. What got me into this situation? What just happened to me? What can I learn about myself? about other people? What will I do differently now that I have this information.

      You are WORTH more! Keep us posted on the journey. Remember, be gentle with yourself along the way and notice what is stirring in you.

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