Summertime in Northern Michigan!

Whether or not you are a fan of Kid Rock, there’s a good chance you may have heard the lyrics to “All Summer Long.”  Not all Michiganders would confess to the song writers playful teenage antics (at least not publicly) but anyone who has vacationed in Michigan can relate to the key lyrics of: “It was summertime in northern Michigan.”  

The other day at an Advisory Committee Meeting I chair, the introductory questions was, “Name one thing for which you are grateful in the last two weeks.” One response was, “Summers in Michigan!”

Yup, there’s nothing like it. 

Last weekend Deb and I had the opportunity to enjoy some of Michigan’s beauty: Lake Charlevoix area.

I officiated a wedding on the south shore of Lake Charlevoix on Saturday evening. The setting was magnificent as the guests observed the wedding ceremony with Lake Charlevoix in the background. The reception was on the roof-top deck on star-lit evening cooled by the lake breeze.

Sunday we leisurely toured Charlevoix – walking out to the lighthouse – then Petoskey, and Little Traverse Bay. The myriad shades of the blue water were breath-taking. The next two days spent at Boyne Mountain Grand Lodge Resort lounging at the pool and reading couldn’t have been better.

Whatever you may do this summer to get-away, relax, recalibrate, or somehow take care of your spirit, may you truly be re-created:

RE-CREATE: to refresh by means of relaxation and enjoyment; restore physically or mentally

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2 Responses to Summertime in Northern Michigan!

  1. farouk says:

    i am deeply in need of such recreation
    i am so busy these days but i believe i will do that as soon as next month
    keep in touch Mark:)

  2. Mark says:

    @Farouk – Thank you for your honesty. I remember a friend of mine years ago introducing me to the concept of being re-created. Even though he was an active, Type A personality, he made it clear that we can be re-created in a variety of ways through a multitude of activities. That goal is intentional re-creation. May that happen for you!

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