A Coach in Your Corner

Have you thought about Taking Your Strengths to the Next Level?

Here’s a thought from Strengths-Guru, Marcus Buckingham:

When most people hear the word “coach,” chances are they think of a middle-aged guy with a whistle around his neck barking orders at a bunch of athletes. Our stereotypical professional athletic coach works in a field in which the only thing that matters is results. He gets paid a lot of money to help people perform to the best of their abilities, and if coaching didn’t have an impact, he probably wouldn’t have a job.

Athletes and sports fans aren’t the only ones who care about excelling, though. So why shouldn’t the rest of us have coaches, too? A recent article by Atul Gawande, medical correspondent for The New Yorker, observes that a growing number of surgeons and other professionals are turning to coaches to help them improve on their technique and stay sharp (no surgical pun intended) as they advance in their careers. (December 2011, Inside Strengths)

What would it mean to have a coach pay attention to each client’s personal strengths, keeping a sharp eye out for abilities, skills, talents and other positive personal characteristics?

I am grateful for 2011, when CEOs invited me into their corner to support their effort to build a strengths-based organization through Maximizing Your Strengths workshops and monthly coaching sessions.

As we enter 2012, more CEOs have invited to me into their corner to support their effort as I lead Maximizing Your Strengths workshops with their senior teams.

Whatif…you put a coach into your corner?

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4 Responses to A Coach in Your Corner

  1. Working with a first-class coach, like Mark, forces us to face our fundamental fears of coming alive, connecting more deeply, enjoying life more fully and working more effectively. There is a reason elite athletes and highly successful leaders all have coaches: they have decided that it is time to come to life and be all they can be. Thanks for this timely reminder, coach!

  2. farouk says:

    great job Mark
    its amazing how can a coach change the future of an organization or improve its performance by simply adding his touch, you deserve the best : )

  3. farouk says:

    its amazing how a coach can change the future of an organization by just adding his touch
    you deserve the best mark, keep it up: )

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