Standing On Principle

It just may be more challenging than you think to live out of your values. What would it mean to make decisions based on your principles?

From Change the Word (Robert E Quinn) – page 16

Altering our behavior to reflect what we really value is revolutionary because principle-driven actions tend to be outside the boundaries of exchange and transaction. In normalized relationships, we ask, “What does the group expect?” Around those group expectations we construct a set of rewards and punishment designed to bring conformity.

Engaging in a new behavior based on principle challenges the norms. The person with a moral purpose is usually willing to endure punishment in order to pursue the purpose. Such principled behavior sends the dreaded signal that perhaps “the emperor has no clothes.”

Recall a time when you were aware of what the group expected and knew the consequences if you did not conform?

What would it mean for you to endure some form of punishment (confrontation, challenge, etc.) to pursue your deeper purpose and principles?

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