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What Do I Bring to My Environment?

Each day we find ourselves in many different relationships and in those relationships there is a certain environment; defined by Websters as… : the circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded : the aggregate of social and cultural conditions … Continue reading

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My Apologies

I truly appreciate you subscribing to my BLOG and apologize for the recent obscure posts that have been posted by a hacker. I have tried multiple log in and password changes with no success (today’s post notwithstanding). I have contacted … Continue reading

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Standing On Principle

It just may be more challenging than you think to live out of your values. What would it mean to make decisions based on your principles? From Change the Word (Robert E Quinn) – page 16 Altering our behavior to reflect what … Continue reading

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Weakness – A Dirty Word?

“New England Patriot’s Quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t have good tackling techniques!” Sounds absurd doesn’t it?  No one would ever critique an elite quarterback for having a weakness in tackling.  Especially since he won three Super Bowls, two Super Bowl MVP … Continue reading

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Your Personal Hedgehog

The Hedgehog Concept Jim Collins – Good to Great (Chapter Five) The Personal Analogy Suppose you were able to construct a work life match that meets the following three tests. You are doing work for which you have a genetic or God-given … Continue reading

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Begin With the End in Mind

This blog post was inspired by a Monday e-Newsletter I received from one of my consultant friends who encouraged employers to, “Empower the success of direct reports by asking each what they really want to accomplish as a development goal … Continue reading

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A Coach in Your Corner

Have you thought about Taking Your Strengths to the Next Level? Here’s a thought from Strengths-Guru, Marcus Buckingham: When most people hear the word “coach,” chances are they think of a middle-aged guy with a whistle around his neck barking orders … Continue reading

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