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What Do I Bring to My Environment?

Each day we find ourselves in many different relationships and in those relationships there is a certain environment; defined by Websters as… : the circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded : the aggregate of social and cultural conditions … Continue reading

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Watch the Game Film: Are We Looking Closely?

It was a relaxing day by the pool Sunday afternoon which afforded me time to get caught up on reading past issues of FastCompany.  The article Watch the Game Film (June, 2010) caught my eye, in part because the authors … Continue reading

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A Positive Mandate (from Coach Wooden & Carroll)

For NCAA football fans Pete Carroll stands out among the best.  I’ve watched this optimistic, fun-loving, coach coax victories out of his USC players year after year; to my chagrin, regularly dismantling Big 10 opponents.  This season the piano-playing, man-of-passion … Continue reading

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