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Who’s Watching the Margins?

The current economic status of most organizations and households has given a new perspective on the importance of margins. Barely a week goes by when a conversation doesn’t include some reference to how all of us are managing the new … Continue reading

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Relational Maturity: Detached Interdependence

Relationships are hard work! Yes, the synergy of more than one is exponential and the camaraderie of many is fulfilling. However, the ying to all of that positive yang is the challenge of being in relationship with people. It’s more … Continue reading

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Are You Anxious? (Can You Identify with the JetBlue Flight Attendant?)

Whether or not you have any interest in studying organizational and behavioral theory most of us find ourselves in the midst of workplace situations that at times annoys us enough to spike our blood pressure, leads us to gossip, or … Continue reading

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Working With You is KILLING ME! [Boundaries]

continuing our thoughts from “Working With You is Killing Me” UNHOOKING is a life-long skill we may never master but can indeed practice.  It begins with boundaries. Boundaries can cause a visceral reaction.  When I travel in northern Michigan and … Continue reading

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