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Standing On Principle

It just may be more challenging than you think to live out of your values. What would it mean to make decisions based on your principles? From Change the Word (Robert E Quinn) – page 16 Altering our behavior to reflect what … Continue reading

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Dump Your Ego

Is egoistic behavior as an expression of weakness? Guest Blog: Ran Zilca Dumping your ego is hard, because it’s hard to even admit you have one. “Me? I don’t have an ego. I’m a nice guy! What are you trying … Continue reading

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Everyday Mindset

The two questions that bring clarity to most anything we are involved in are: What’s the successful outcome? What’s the next action to make it happen? This is the way David Allen began a section of the email/newsletter (“Productive Living” … Continue reading

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Transformation: It’s Counter-Intuitive

Tricia is an active administrative assistant with a desire to accomplish tasks and bring excellence to the organization. As a mother and grandmother she has journeyed life long enough that she now finds herself more secure in her womanhood and in her … Continue reading

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A Secret Worth Sharing

“Can you keep a secret?” That’s a loaded question. I find myself physically shrinking when it’s asked of me; knowing most of the time the one who asks wants to reveal some bit of juicy gossip meant to harm rather … Continue reading

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Life Below the Waterline

Growing up in southwest Michigan I remember the sights, smells, and events of the fall. From Harvest Days to apple picking, from walks on the piers to bonfires, it’s just a great time of year. Another scene I remember is … Continue reading

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The Sacred Piece of Transformation

“The process of transformation is always bigger than we are!” Robert Quinn, Change the World Early this summer I received a message on my Facebook page from a from a former student in the youth ministry in Florida we were … Continue reading

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