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A Coach in Your Corner

Have you thought about Taking Your Strengths to the Next Level? Here’s a thought from Strengths-Guru, Marcus Buckingham: When most people hear the word “coach,” chances are they think of a middle-aged guy with a whistle around his neck barking orders … Continue reading

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Do You Ever Feel Unmotivated?

Something is holding me back. Does that ever happen to you? You know what needs to be done. You are aware of the benefit and the importance of pushing through whatever it may be that is holding you back. Yet…getting … Continue reading

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LA Times Affirms Coaching

When people hear that I’m a personal coach the reactions vary.  To those who understand the concept of coaching, the follow-up question is something like, “What’s your coaching niche?” Meaning, what’s your area of specialty? Who are your clients?  et … Continue reading

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All About The STORY and the LESSON!

When the weekly edition of Sports Illustrated arrives it isn’t the first priority read.  ( I know what you’re thinking…except for the Swim Suit edition 🙂 but I’m not going there!)   The magazine gets placed on the top of … Continue reading

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Wooden: A Coach Like None Other

The sports world is mourning the death of a monumental coach.  He once would say of his profession: “A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.” With humble confidence he shaped the lives of hundred of athletes: … Continue reading

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