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Begin With the End in Mind

This blog post was inspired by a Monday e-Newsletter I received from one of my consultant friends who encouraged employers to, “Empower the success of direct reports by asking each what they really want to accomplish as a development goal … Continue reading

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“You’re Reading the Classics!”

I was with a client a few weeks ago and after a session we were conversing about life and he noticed my John Steinbeck book and noted, “Oh…you’re reading the classics!” It was a simple observation. Yet it meant something … Continue reading

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Respond vs. React

This week I spent time in a few different coaching sessions in a dialog about the difference between responding and reacting. As I sat down to write the blog post I “googled” the concept and the following blog came up … Continue reading

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Dynamics of a Transformational Person (4of4)

This is the fourth of four BLOGS dedicated to reflecting more of the “why” of being a transformational person. My premise is that if someone understands the “why” being of transformational person it will inspire them and give them sustainability. Transformational … Continue reading

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Dynamics of a Transformational Person (1of4)

If you type in “Transformational Leadership” into Wikipedia you’ll find four distinct elements described as action steps of someone desiring to be an agent of change, with individuals or a social system. While I believe there is merit in learning … Continue reading

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Truth and time walk hand in hand!

Do you recall certain phrases or fables which express a truth that repeatedly is revealed in your consciousness? It may strike you at the moment but no matter what seems to happen, how much information you process, or how busy … Continue reading

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Dump Your Ego

Is egoistic behavior as an expression of weakness? Guest Blog: Ran Zilca Dumping your ego is hard, because it’s hard to even admit you have one. “Me? I don’t have an ego. I’m a nice guy! What are you trying … Continue reading

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