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A Coach in Your Corner

Have you thought about Taking Your Strengths to the Next Level? Here’s a thought from Strengths-Guru, Marcus Buckingham: When most people hear the word “coach,” chances are they think of a middle-aged guy with a whistle around his neck barking orders … Continue reading

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Relational Maturity: Detached Interdependence

Relationships are hard work! Yes, the synergy of more than one is exponential and the camaraderie of many is fulfilling. However, the ying to all of that positive yang is the challenge of being in relationship with people. It’s more … Continue reading

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Not Everyone Wants to Transform!

A Fable Joyce comes to work on time and for the most part completes her tasks according to spec. She seems willing to do a little extra and seems to smile but you just sense there is something more. You … Continue reading

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Are You Anxious? (Can You Identify with the JetBlue Flight Attendant?)

Whether or not you have any interest in studying organizational and behavioral theory most of us find ourselves in the midst of workplace situations that at times annoys us enough to spike our blood pressure, leads us to gossip, or … Continue reading

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Watch the Game Film: Are We Looking Closely?

It was a relaxing day by the pool Sunday afternoon which afforded me time to get caught up on reading past issues of FastCompany.  The article Watch the Game Film (June, 2010) caught my eye, in part because the authors … Continue reading

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Working With You is KILLING ME! [Unhooking]

Have you ever checked out the discount tables at Barnes and Noble? A while back I noticed Working With You is Killing Me: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Traps at Work. Since picking it up I’ve not only been intrigued by it, but also … Continue reading

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Is Your Culture Open or Closed

A sales professional was telling me recently about her work environment which was fast becoming negative because of restructuring due to the economy.   Searching for ways to explain what happened she said, “Before we were open – sharing, conversing, bouncing … Continue reading

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