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Dynamics of a Transformational Person (1of4)

If you type in “Transformational Leadership” into Wikipedia you’ll find four distinct elements described as action steps of someone desiring to be an agent of change, with individuals or a social system. While I believe there is merit in learning … Continue reading

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Leave…and Don’t Come Back Until You Get a Name

In many cases the quest into our interior world for meaning, purpose, and clarity is a choice we make. However, history tells us this has not always been the case. Native American young men had their own vision quest. Boys were … Continue reading

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The Quest for Your Holy Grail

At the risk of offending my high school history teachers, I don’t remember anything about studying the Holy Grail. My first recollection was the humorous rendering of Monty Python and the Holy Grail; crusaders singing of spam and bridge keepers … Continue reading

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