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Only Leadership Book to Read [George Zimmer’s Opinion]

In a recent webinar for the Enlightened Business Summit, George Zimmer founder and CEO of the Men’s Wearhouse, was asked to recommend just one leadership book. He only skipped a beat and offered, Leadership is an Art by Max DePree.  He … Continue reading

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Action…Not Terminology

One of the elderly couples in the condominium complex in which we live recently faced the inevitable challenges of their age. When we moved here three years ago we could see that the gentleman was failing as his steps were … Continue reading

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A Secret Worth Sharing

“Can you keep a secret?” That’s a loaded question. I find myself physically shrinking when it’s asked of me; knowing most of the time the one who asks wants to reveal some bit of juicy gossip meant to harm rather … Continue reading

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Life Below the Waterline

Growing up in southwest Michigan I remember the sights, smells, and events of the fall. From Harvest Days to apple picking, from walks on the piers to bonfires, it’s just a great time of year. Another scene I remember is … Continue reading

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The Sacred Piece of Transformation

“The process of transformation is always bigger than we are!” Robert Quinn, Change the World Early this summer I received a message on my Facebook page from a from a former student in the youth ministry in Florida we were … Continue reading

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Dungy Teaches and Models Servant Leadership

I’m putting the final touches on my servant leadership workshop – The Choice of Transformational Leadership: Driven to Serve. Throughout the workshop I will facilitate case studies of people and organizations who exemplify servant leadership. One such person is Super … Continue reading

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Are you a “Freier”? Really, that’s a legitimate question!

Recently I decided to research my last name – FREIER – on the WordPress search engine. The first blog posted this title: “Thou shalt not be a freier.” Taken-aback, I curiously read further and found that the term “Freier” has … Continue reading

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Is Your Culture Open or Closed

A sales professional was telling me recently about her work environment which was fast becoming negative because of restructuring due to the economy.   Searching for ways to explain what happened she said, “Before we were open – sharing, conversing, bouncing … Continue reading

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Be a Concierge…Really?

If you know me at all, you know servant leadership is one of my favorite topics.  I enjoy learning more about it and certainly enjoy discussing it with people.  Someone I met at the Disney Institute: Disney Keys to Business Excellence – … Continue reading

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