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Weakness – A Dirty Word?

“New England Patriot’s Quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t have good tackling techniques!” Sounds absurd doesn’t it? ¬†No one would ever critique an elite quarterback for having a weakness in tackling. ¬†Especially since he won three Super Bowls, two Super Bowl MVP … Continue reading

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Curbing the College Freshman Drop-Out Rate!

Three years ago I listened to the Dean of Students of the Music School at Central Michigan University tell the prospective student-parents about the challenges facing college freshman. Given the drop-out rate freedom wreaks some tragic consequences on wide-eyed first … Continue reading

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“You are uniquely talented!” (It’s worth telling someone…)

The message of unique giftedness and talents has been a oft-repeated message of mine for years. When the concept of “spiritual gifts” was first addressed in churches I was first in line to teach the concepts that each person has … Continue reading

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